Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Why the Youth of America Acts So Poorly

The older generations that had it good can't understand why the youth is so pissy.. Well let me tell you.. you lived good when your buying power meant something but with each new generation your debt is passed on to them and they have to pay for you and what you left behind in debts. If you made 20 bucks an hour today you would still be in debt. that simply is not enough to live off of (buy a house, car, education to get higher pay, life expenses, retirement, health problems, pay for taxes - it's not enough!) and the older generations can't seem to get that through their skulls.

pre-1970 people had it good. and here's why. You had an American Dream - the youth today has to pay for past generations American Dream!

see chart:
So when your grandfather or even parents claim how hard they had to work for some seemingly small amount of money --- you can let them know the value of their dollars vs what your dollar is worth today was not worth the same amount.  they made many times more than what that numerical figure represented.   1 dollar in 1950 was not that same as 1 dollar in 2015.  No where nears! AT SOME POINT YOU HAVE TO SIT THEM DOWN AND EXPLAIN TO THEM CHILD TO ADULT!  THE PAST WAS MUCH DIFFERENT THAN NOW!  

Neal Vanderstelt - Currency Analyst Please Share!

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