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Why is it Americans can't say the word "Depression"?  Here's a reality trigger to wake you up!  A good percentage of people are on food stamps --- known as the EBT Card which is the modern-day food line.  In 1969, the average participation in the SNAP program stood at 2,878,000. In 2014, average participation grew to 46,536,000 showing an increase of 1516.96 percent.  ruffly 20% of the population is on food stamps.  

source:  Food Stamp Beneficiaries Exceed 46,000,000 for 38 Straight Months

Democrats keep saying how great the US is doing and how it has recovered under the most socialistic president in US history..  All we have to do is look at the real unemployment figures to understand this is no recovery nor is it a recession - the unemployment is depressionary.   the economy descended from essentially full employment in 1929 when the unemployment rate was 3.2 percent into massive unemployment in 1933 when the unemployment rate reached 25 percent.

This graph shows the real unemployment in 2015 which is ruffly 23-25% - prior to 1994 this was how unemployment was calculated and included people that gave up looking for work because of the economy so it is not "alternative" it is how unemployment is supposed to be calculated but a Democrat named Bill Clinton changed all that...   The unemployment being reported is actually 4 to 5 times worse which is a pretty substantial difference.. Meanwhile... Obama and his supporters are claiming how Obama fixed the economy and put people back to work - the truth is minus 180 degrees opposite of that statement.  The Real Unemployment is similar to the Great Depression!  Are you awake yet?  For black people in the US their unemployment is at 3rd world levels.. Do you still support Obama?  God save us!  

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The real unemployment rate. 1930 contrasted with the Obama way of 2011

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

EUR/USD Parity - Euro may end up at parity or lower vs US Dollar

price on steady decline after Eurozone style QE - negative rates and pessimistic views by Eurozone policy makers over inflationary concerns and the need to artificially stimulate to boost the struggling EU economy.  short-term bounce is not out of the question.

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About Myself

I'm Neal Vanderstelt, a currency analyst, and self taught economist.  Back in 2005, I went around telling people that we are heading for the next great depression, and that soon the markets (globally, but especially the US) would collapse, unemployment would soar, and the price of gold would skyrocket..  

I've read many books on economics, studied past markets, studied many theories, and followed many economist to develop my own theories and philosophy on the markets.

Nobody took me seriously, it was a ragging bull market; and after the bubble popped, those same people won't even talk to me.  I had a friend that once owned a business on the NYSE, it had to do with Real Estate investment, and he asked me back in 05' why I thought the market would collapse because he had big investments on the line....  He looked at me with great concern because something i had said really bothered him so he came back and asked me.

I said the simple fact is history repeats itself in cycles - especially when we recreate the same conditions - the outcome is always the same.   The US currently has a negative savings rate and the market is over-leveraged - it is only a matter of time before the big investors pull the plug and the markets will crash.  At the time i did not have the money to invest but had i invested in gold like i wanted to i would be a very rich man today but nobody would back me..  Today, I have other investment ideas, but i still lack major funding required to make big money.

Another friend, who was a top guy for a major transportation company, told me how gold would never go over 500 and he knew because he and his father used to trade gold and i didn't know what i was talking about.  I was telling him about the coming collapse and now is the time to buy..  it gradually went over 500 even before the crash occurred because the really big investors knew and within only a few years gold skyrocketed and since then went many times over 500 level which would have made me very rich but i was unable to lock an investor that was willing to share the profits with me.  Even a small move in gold makes big money because in trading you don't trade actual gold you buy contracts and a small move is a big gain or loss.. That is why you need a lot of money to cushion the losses because not every entry is going to yield big money because of the way the market fluctuates.  But if you want to make money you got to have the money required to do it and i'm the person you want managing the money.  I rely not only on my fundamental knowledge but i have a complex understanding of how to read the charts.

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Why the Youth of America Acts So Poorly

The older generations that had it good can't understand why the youth is so pissy.. Well let me tell you.. you lived good when your buying power meant something but with each new generation your debt is passed on to them and they have to pay for you and what you left behind in debts. If you made 20 bucks an hour today you would still be in debt. that simply is not enough to live off of (buy a house, car, education to get higher pay, life expenses, retirement, health problems, pay for taxes - it's not enough!) and the older generations can't seem to get that through their skulls.

pre-1970 people had it good. and here's why. You had an American Dream - the youth today has to pay for past generations American Dream!

see chart:
So when your grandfather or even parents claim how hard they had to work for some seemingly small amount of money --- you can let them know the value of their dollars vs what your dollar is worth today was not worth the same amount.  they made many times more than what that numerical figure represented.   1 dollar in 1950 was not that same as 1 dollar in 2015.  No where nears! AT SOME POINT YOU HAVE TO SIT THEM DOWN AND EXPLAIN TO THEM CHILD TO ADULT!  THE PAST WAS MUCH DIFFERENT THAN NOW!  

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Monday, March 9, 2015

US Debt, Corruption, and The Medical Industry

A country that is corrupt can be defined by how it spends it's money.  Take a look at this debt clock for the US..  The US has more debt than assets and a good portion of this goes to the fraudulent medical industry.  Most countries allow alternative treatments - but not the US.

see link:
the debt

The debt clock proves the medical industry is fraudulent and greedy and US politicians are in bed with them.  Most of the unfunded liabilities go to the corrupt and greedy medical industry - it is the key reason why the US has more debt than assets.  Take a look at the prescription drug debt.. no prescription drug is known to cure a disease yet that's what doctors push to help you with your health conditions.  All of them have side effects and when they put you one drug you not only become a slave to that drug you'll have to take others for the new conditions / side effects! the prescription drug debt alone is greater than The National Debt (the debt the government pays itself and is controlled by a "debt ceiling" which is always violated! without a debt cieling the money doesn't even exist it is artificially created because the US is bankrupt but continues to spend and weaken your buying power for necessities) what a sham!

and if you think your paying for the latest technology to cure a disease think again!  many of the drugs are experimental and have no proven track record - the treatment for cancer is the same as it was in the 1940's - radiate / kill every cell in the body and people that have no treatment have ruffly the same survival rates,  They are counting on your desperation when you are ill and  your ignorance to believe they are trying to help us.

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Sunday, March 8, 2015

WW-III Russia's Putin ASSASSINATEs Main Political Opponent while Russia and China try to Collapse US Financially

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People claim the US tried to collapse Russia with sanctions.  If you further analyze this situation something silently happened that people were not paying attention to prior to these sanctions.  Back in February of 2014, Russia and China began their a attempt to crash the US economy by dumping US Treasury holdings, that they possessed to float US debt - in a once "friendly" relationship.

But a wildcard event happened, a shadow account out of Belgium began buying these notes and if it hadn't been for that it would have very likely kicked off W-III do to the turmoil this would have caused.

It wasn't the Belgium government that bought US treasuries because this unknown Belgium buyer bought more than Belgium itself could afford within its government buying power.  Belgium is a relatively small country yet some big buying has occurred through its financial portals.  Belgium US Treasury Holdings skyrocket out of nowhere (see chart):

*if you study the Belgium purchase (click chart to enlarge!) this attempted collapse of US Treasuries started back in December of 2013 and ramped up by the Ukrainian crisis.

Meanwhile, Russia has increased its gold holdings to hedge itself against currency collapse. Putin knew full-well the consequences of invading Crimea and protected Russia financially while at the same time trying to stab a dagger through the heart of the US financially with help from China.

After China and Russia dumped US Treasuries Russia went in on the ground and seized Crimea.  Which was technically already occupied and had little resistance but this was obviously a very violent move by Russia and China.   The military move left Ukraine, Crimea (under Russian control) officially divided.

330 feet from the Kremlin, Boris Nemtsov was walking with his girlfriend and shot several times in the back and murdered.   It is obviously an assassination because he was a major political Putin adversary.  With Putin being an x-KGB officer this is just all to coincidental to not be an assassination staged by Putin. Nemtsov was the biggest threat to Putin politically.  He was pro Ukraine and an openly outspoken harsh critic of Putin.   At the time of his assassination he was organizing a pro-Ukraine rally in Moscow which would have been very damaging to Putin politically because it was to not only speak about Ukraine but how Putin was damaging Russia financially.

Nemtsov also spoke about the corruption that took place in the Russian Olympics and that millions of dollars were missing that likely went into the pockets of Russian politicians such as Putin who is one of the wealthiest people on Earth - not bad for a former KGB person - but nobody questioned how he obtained this wealth.   Russia is on the top of the list for most corrupt countries on the planet and ruffly 50% of the money in Russian banks is owned and controlled by the Russian mafia.  Legitimate business people have to pay the mafia to do legitimate business in Russia.  

To add more suspicion to the case - Putin led investigation leads to suspects who are Chechen.. The guy is about to give an Anti-Putin speech and unavailing financial corruption is supposedly killed by Chechen's who are physically dragged into court like animals to give a confession.   So much for proof and a fail trial.  Now they are saying 1 suspect conveniently blew himself up while the other has confessed.  

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