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WW-III Russia's Putin ASSASSINATEs Main Political Opponent while Russia and China try to Collapse US Financially

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People claim the US tried to collapse Russia with sanctions.  If you further analyze this situation something silently happened that people were not paying attention to prior to these sanctions.  Back in February of 2014, Russia and China began their a attempt to crash the US economy by dumping US Treasury holdings, that they possessed to float US debt - in a once "friendly" relationship.

But a wildcard event happened, a shadow account out of Belgium began buying these notes and if it hadn't been for that it would have very likely kicked off W-III do to the turmoil this would have caused.

It wasn't the Belgium government that bought US treasuries because this unknown Belgium buyer bought more than Belgium itself could afford within its government buying power.  Belgium is a relatively small country yet some big buying has occurred through its financial portals.  Belgium US Treasury Holdings skyrocket out of nowhere (see chart):

*if you study the Belgium purchase (click chart to enlarge!) this attempted collapse of US Treasuries started back in December of 2013 and ramped up by the Ukrainian crisis.

Meanwhile, Russia has increased its gold holdings to hedge itself against currency collapse. Putin knew full-well the consequences of invading Crimea and protected Russia financially while at the same time trying to stab a dagger through the heart of the US financially with help from China.

After China and Russia dumped US Treasuries Russia went in on the ground and seized Crimea.  Which was technically already occupied and had little resistance but this was obviously a very violent move by Russia and China.   The military move left Ukraine, Crimea (under Russian control) officially divided.

330 feet from the Kremlin, Boris Nemtsov was walking with his girlfriend and shot several times in the back and murdered.   It is obviously an assassination because he was a major political Putin adversary.  With Putin being an x-KGB officer this is just all to coincidental to not be an assassination staged by Putin. Nemtsov was the biggest threat to Putin politically.  He was pro Ukraine and an openly outspoken harsh critic of Putin.   At the time of his assassination he was organizing a pro-Ukraine rally in Moscow which would have been very damaging to Putin politically because it was to not only speak about Ukraine but how Putin was damaging Russia financially.

Nemtsov also spoke about the corruption that took place in the Russian Olympics and that millions of dollars were missing that likely went into the pockets of Russian politicians such as Putin who is one of the wealthiest people on Earth - not bad for a former KGB person - but nobody questioned how he obtained this wealth.   Russia is on the top of the list for most corrupt countries on the planet and ruffly 50% of the money in Russian banks is owned and controlled by the Russian mafia.  Legitimate business people have to pay the mafia to do legitimate business in Russia.  

To add more suspicion to the case - Putin led investigation leads to suspects who are Chechen.. The guy is about to give an Anti-Putin speech and unavailing financial corruption is supposedly killed by Chechen's who are physically dragged into court like animals to give a confession.   So much for proof and a fail trial.  Now they are saying 1 suspect conveniently blew himself up while the other has confessed.  

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