Tuesday, March 10, 2015

About Myself

I'm Neal Vanderstelt, a currency analyst, and self taught economist.  Back in 2005, I went around telling people that we are heading for the next great depression, and that soon the markets (globally, but especially the US) would collapse, unemployment would soar, and the price of gold would skyrocket..  

I've read many books on economics, studied past markets, studied many theories, and followed many economist to develop my own theories and philosophy on the markets.

Nobody took me seriously, it was a ragging bull market; and after the bubble popped, those same people won't even talk to me.  I had a friend that once owned a business on the NYSE, it had to do with Real Estate investment, and he asked me back in 05' why I thought the market would collapse because he had big investments on the line....  He looked at me with great concern because something i had said really bothered him so he came back and asked me.

I said the simple fact is history repeats itself in cycles - especially when we recreate the same conditions - the outcome is always the same.   The US currently has a negative savings rate and the market is over-leveraged - it is only a matter of time before the big investors pull the plug and the markets will crash.  At the time i did not have the money to invest but had i invested in gold like i wanted to i would be a very rich man today but nobody would back me..  Today, I have other investment ideas, but i still lack major funding required to make big money.

Another friend, who was a top guy for a major transportation company, told me how gold would never go over 500 and he knew because he and his father used to trade gold and i didn't know what i was talking about.  I was telling him about the coming collapse and now is the time to buy..  it gradually went over 500 even before the crash occurred because the really big investors knew and within only a few years gold skyrocketed and since then went many times over 500 level which would have made me very rich but i was unable to lock an investor that was willing to share the profits with me.  Even a small move in gold makes big money because in trading you don't trade actual gold you buy contracts and a small move is a big gain or loss.. That is why you need a lot of money to cushion the losses because not every entry is going to yield big money because of the way the market fluctuates.  But if you want to make money you got to have the money required to do it and i'm the person you want managing the money.  I rely not only on my fundamental knowledge but i have a complex understanding of how to read the charts.

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