Monday, March 9, 2015

US Debt, Corruption, and The Medical Industry

A country that is corrupt can be defined by how it spends it's money.  Take a look at this debt clock for the US..  The US has more debt than assets and a good portion of this goes to the fraudulent medical industry.  Most countries allow alternative treatments - but not the US.

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the debt

The debt clock proves the medical industry is fraudulent and greedy and US politicians are in bed with them.  Most of the unfunded liabilities go to the corrupt and greedy medical industry - it is the key reason why the US has more debt than assets.  Take a look at the prescription drug debt.. no prescription drug is known to cure a disease yet that's what doctors push to help you with your health conditions.  All of them have side effects and when they put you one drug you not only become a slave to that drug you'll have to take others for the new conditions / side effects! the prescription drug debt alone is greater than The National Debt (the debt the government pays itself and is controlled by a "debt ceiling" which is always violated! without a debt cieling the money doesn't even exist it is artificially created because the US is bankrupt but continues to spend and weaken your buying power for necessities) what a sham!

and if you think your paying for the latest technology to cure a disease think again!  many of the drugs are experimental and have no proven track record - the treatment for cancer is the same as it was in the 1940's - radiate / kill every cell in the body and people that have no treatment have ruffly the same survival rates,  They are counting on your desperation when you are ill and  your ignorance to believe they are trying to help us.

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